Earthflower Spirituality

The body is your temple🙏🏼

Did you know that millions of animals worldwide are being injected with poison chemicals that we call food now a days.

These animals are being placed into cages like they are nothing.

No love is shown to them.

As they are being groomed unnaturally, also with chemicals.

Afterwards they are being killed by these “farmers” or companies, who are only doing this for money.

This what we are eating daily, poison foods.

Did you know that many “farmers” are using chemicals on their vegetables and foods, just as a means to harvest more foods.

All this is what we are polluting ourselves daily with.

These “farmers” are being paid by the Monsanto company to do this.

Well all this consumption is giving many human “diseases”, which one can call cancer.

These “diseases” lets one to go to a doctor, this doctor than prescribes pharmaceutical drugs, which are again chemical drugs, which causes other “diseases” which again is prescribed to another chemical drug.

This is the chain of delusion that is occurring on this Earth.

Now here one asks what can be done.

First Educate yourself, as this is ones own responsibility, to know what one is consuming.

Afterwards one can always support the NON-GMO farmers.

These are the REAL FARMERS, the ones who are working for CHANGE.

They have love for the Environment, as Animals, as Plants, they would never use chemicals on their own Food Chain.

One can decide I will not support Monsanto, I will only support the local Farmers.

As if one goes to a farm, one can always ask if their produces are GMO which is Genetically Modified or NON-GMO.

The funny thing these people will tell you the truth, with their face like nothing is wrong, they will say yes I am using chemicals.

Again here is the FREE WILL.

Here one decides if I am a participant in this MASS Massacre or NOT.

I say DO NOT.

Transform your lives.

Be the Healthy Change.

As the body is your temple.

Embrace your temple, take care of the body, mind and soul, as all is connected. 

By doing this you are becoming the Change.

Be the Change✌🏼 

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