Earthflower Spirituality

Knowledge is Power💪🏼

Did you know that a disease has been made to sell you pharmaceutical medicine ? 

It is true.

Labels are used to stigmatize you.

So the word psychotic is a label that is broadly used now a days.

They call you psychotic so they can sell you specific chemical drugs that are used to pay the doctors, as to pay the institutions.

These chemical drugs gives you “diseases”. Yet most human beings do not know this.

Did you know when one calls you psychotic it is a projection from their own pre-programmed mind !

So in fact these humans are the ones who have the believe that they are psychotic !

A doctor or such told them this and now they identify with it, as project it unto others.

As when one is watching the millions of commercials on TV. that are made each year to sell you again pharmaceutical drugs that pays the hospitals as the doctors.

Did you know that a knowledgable doctor knows all this and itself would never ever use those drugs.

No they will not, they prefer smoking POT !

These doctors would rather use plant medicine than to swallow one of those pills.

Did you know that the disease called cancer is also created to get you into chemo therapy.

Which kills thousands of human beings every year.

Yet a knowledgeable doctor would never ever take Chemo therapy, as it knows its body will deteriorate in no time.

As it is also proven that Cannabis Oil cures cancer as so many other “sicknesses”, yet this is not being shared on the commercials on TV.

Did you know that all this is coming from a secretive society who explodes humans as animals to make millions of money each year.

Well this is the sad truth my friends.

Do your own research !

Wake Up to the TRUTHS of this Earthly Life.

It is ones own responsibility to know this. 

As the ones in “Power” are only looking for their pockets.

The Materialism World that is.

Don’t be Sheep’s.

Knowledge is POWER !

Be the Wolves of Consciousness that you are.

Wake Up and Live👁

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