Earthflower Poetry

The Universe has your back❤️

They will spit on you.

Throw stones on you.

Ridicule you.

Stab you in the back.

Speak poorly about you.

Take your clients from you.

They will stalk your pages.

Steal your quotes, poems and writings.

This is how obsessed they become.

Even post these words on their social media pages, act like it is theirs.

Try again to destroy you.

Some even never met you personally.

Such Laughter.

Yet no Child of God will be taken for granted.

As an Awaken soul knows the clever ways of the mind, even before hand.

As this Soul is Wise.


Its Super Power is the Invincible. 

It knows all, as God reveals it all.

As so God gives all back 10 times as much.

Stay Still and Pray for all.

The Universe has your back Always.


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