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The Rise of Femininity is here to stay💚

We live on a Earth where most people do not respect a highly intelligent and dominant woman, that is also sexy and beautiful.

I don’t get it.

If you are just an average woman they do wish to be in your presence, take you out for dinners and treat you good.

Yet if you are a Wise Soul, you will not be asked to go on dates not by men nor woman.

They hide you.

Like Cinderella.

It is so sad.

That intelligent and strong women are not being valued rather devalued. 

This is the Earth we live on, a male dominant egoic Earth.

So a highly intelligent woman normally isolates itself.

To not feel this rejection, we tend to isolate and create within our own little bubble one can say.

But I find that in today’s world, there is no difference between men or women.

As Women have shown throughout time again and again, that their knowledge and wisdom has been a great asset to the environment, humanity, art, science, as philosophy. 

So for me I want to create this Awareness by being the change.

I will NOT hide my truth, I am walking this path for all those Women who have been rejected, devalued, misused, abused by their own society.

I am the Change of this.

I will stand in my truth.

I will let my voice be heard.

I will be action of wisdom.

I feel if most women do the same, we all will be apart of this needed change.

As we are not in the 40’s or 50’s anymore, when men worked and we only cooked, clean the house and watch the kids.

I am not saying don’t be a housewife, if that’s what your heart longs for do that.

But for the true game changers, and revolutionaries, I say to you Join me !

Lets walk together within unity to become this needed change.

As this Earth is mostly yang dominated, leaving the beautiful yin from most women out.

Woman are strong yet we have a beauty within our sensitivity that needs to be expressed on this plane.

To create a more balanced Earth.

This is why I say to all women, do not hide your Intelligence, wisdom, flair, poise, passion, dignity, beauty and sexiness.

Be ALL of them, express yourself FULLY.

Show your TRUE COLORS.

As they are beautiful, like the Rainbow.

Be the CHANGE.

The Rise of Femininity is here to stay💚


2 thoughts on “The Rise of Femininity is here to stay💚

  1. I worship the divine feminine principle in all its forms, human women included… ever since I was a child I was sick of seeing small minded men try to dominate and control women.

    They rob themselves of the greatest gift they could ever have; the true love of an equal and opposite.

    Thank you for speaking your truth and standing in integrity.


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