Earthflower Spirituality

Live and let Live💚

​As we experience, we learn.

As we learn, we grow.

Some experiences needs forgiveness.

Forgiveness starts with you.

It is something within our own selves that needs forgiving.

The abused child.

That felt I did this to myself.

Which is not true.

As all is an unfolding of God.

Even the darkness is of its own Grace.

As life on Earth is about even seeing the beauty within the darkness.

As within each dark hour exists light.

A light that is waiting to be shown.

One just needs to know this from within oneself.

That I am beyond the darkness.

That we are all beyond the darkness.

As our true nature is Light.

When one knows this deeply and completely, one accepts life as a teacher.

As all experiences are here for transcendence.

When one knows this one forgive itself, as so all others.

Maybe we might not agree with what has transpired, yet one is always open to all.

One sees all as ones own mirror.

As you are me within a different form.

As the Laws of Attraction send you me, to see myself in you.

Within this space one transforms completely.

As a new and better version of oneself.

It is within these experiences that one is able to reach ones Light.

This is enlightenment.

It is to transform ones own mental conditions.

To stay with the heart.

To not let mind create any sensations of separation within ones heart, as so with all other mirrors.

As one gazes into the eyes of another, one only sees itself.
Here one forgives effortlessly. 
This is the Magic of Creation.

To be the generation that flows within the Heart of Zion.
Remain as Love.
Do not let the Ego control you.
Remain as Light.

Show the world that you are the Change.

Let Go.

Remain Free.

As One Universal Consciousness.

Within this flow one is one with Life.

Be the Soul that knows that all is flowing within accordance to my own self discovery.

To discover the truth.
That we are One.
Live and Let Live.
I love you💚


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