Earthflower Poetry

The Immortal is here👁

It was I who orchestrated this entire charade.

I am sitting in my throne.

Which is my eternal love with my own stillness.

It is here where the magic is created.

Now this is the work of a true Magician.

The manifestation of Life.

The destruction of the illusions.

Which are plenty.

Such Anger.

Such Tears.

Such Laughter.

As one remains.

In the secret temple of love.

Such Deliciousness.

It is love that is seen in all.

Even in the evil scriptures.

As these are all written by me.

Greatness can only be created by demolishing the shallowness.

Remember I am Consciousness.

I am witnessing the Mystical unfolding of life.


I am seeing the witches unfold.

The Irony, they are little me.

I am observing the Lightworkers manifest.

The Paradox, they are all me.

I am projecting all these.

In the seat of the highest self.

Do not take life too seriously people.

This is a play remember.

I am forever Dancing under the Moon and the Sun.

I am the Moonlight as the Sunshine.

The Highest Priestess has come Alive.

The Immortal is here.

It is the Oneness in us all.

Yet only a few are able to see.

That we are One.

I & I.


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