Earthflower Spirituality

The Divine play of Consciousness­čĹü

We are all Sinners.

Born on a plane that has darkness and light.

This is the Lila.

The Divine play of Consciousness.

We are all Shifting.

A Shift from person to being.

All humans will sin, it is so.

Now why do we call it sin.

Because most humans are looking through the eyes of person.

The I did something correct or incorrect.

Yet in reality life is a play.

A play of Dark and Light.

All Darkness has to be transformed one day or another.

It can happen within one lifetime or many lifetimes.

This Karmic Debt has to be paid.

This is part of the Unfolding of Consciousness.

So why do we judge others or life’s unfolding ?

Because one does not want to accept the moment as it is.

Most humans judges life’s unfolding.

They are quick to label it as good or bad.

They are fast to label one is a good person or bad.

Yet these are all their own mind made conditions and projections.

As a Free Being, is free of Labels.

It is true.

A Liberated Soul does not label life neither others negatively.

As it knows it is Love.

And beyond all of life’s madness.

As so it sees itself in all others.

This is Beautiful.

To Remain Unlabelled.


Not as anything that makes me feel personal nor less.

It sees all experiences as people as its teachers.

Now for a programmed mind, this is different.

As within a mind, exists theories, ideas, concepts and labels.

All born out of past Earthly Experiences.

But a Liberated Soul is free of mind.

Remember mind is not the brain.

Mind is low vibrated thoughts, which only derives from Ego.

Ego one can call the Devil.

It is so.

It is the voice that says no one loves me, no one cares, no one understands, everyone is bad, I better isolate for life.

This is EGO.

Kick this Mofo out of your Kingdom.

Remain in your throne.


This is the play to transcend ones own inner demons, not of others but ones own.

So instead of pointing fingers, take a look within, see what in YOU needs transformation.

In doing this one Remains in the Oneness flow of Consciousness.

As Heart.

As Love.

As Soul.

Discover your own Freedom.

Do not Judge.

Accept life.


Find your I AM.


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