Earthflower Spirituality

Space of pure Mystical Love👁

Embarrassment comes from an identified mind.

On how things should have been or should be.

A pre-programmed notion set by our “society, upbringing, and surroundings”

Things the mind says to you that you should have done differently or things you should not have done.

To be accepted by others basically.

Or experiences that the mind says should have not happened. 

So one is not in acceptance with life’s unfoldings.

All of which the mind is saying is not true.

As mind is only low vibrational projections which creates temporary sensations that are apart of oneself.

As one starts to clearly see this, one no longer has the need to believe these thoughts.

As so one ignores them.

One ignores them until it is no longer needed to be ignored.

As only a person can fall into the trap of mind.

To identify and believe such thoughts of feeling Embarrassed.

Consciousness remains as the Watcher of all.

Not connected.


As I.

In the Space of pure Mystical Love.



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