Earthflower Spirituality


I am a very open being.

But the one thing I dislike is fake people.

People that pretend to be the best version of themselves, but are not.

People who judges others, but are not ready for judgement.

People who point fingers, but forget one is pointing back.

People who talk about being the yogi lifestyle, but are living the opposite. 

So God sometimes wishes to redeem the souls who have been judged by others for so long.

Judged just for being themselves.

A Free Spirit.

A time when God says, I will let them see who are the true Revolutionaries.

The ones who truly work for Change.

The ones who are really flowing within the Oneness vibrations.

The Souls who accepted themselves as Love.

Who do not care what others think.

Who do not live to please others.

But the ones who only work for Consciousness.

We call it Revolution.

Well this is Redemption Songs Earthlings.


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