Earthflower Spirituality

I am honored for life🙏

As I was laying in this hammock.

My tears were falling like rain drops.

I could not contain my tears.

I felt as if I was the loneliest person on earth.

But as this soul found me all became clearer.

He said, at first he could not understand why he had to experience ayahuasca.

But before this experience he prayed to God to please guide him.

I was sitting on this bench with the other ayahuasqueros, as I was being cleansed by the Shaman, I began to move uncontrollably.

My movements were his prior movements as when he got cleansed.

From this moment his eyes were always on me.

After the ceremony when he was eating he could no longer see me.

The thing was that even during this ceremony everyone I came with abandoned me.

Yet this experience was needed, as it was essential for my rebirth.

As so his spirit led him to me.

Before this moment, I as well asked God to please teach me how to be human again, as human life gave me so much pain.

When he found me he told me a story.

That a year ago someone just like me, who was in touch with nature, in love with the environment moved to Costa Rica.

He was an activist for nature, a warrior for Pacha Mama, eager for change.

He was the movement of change.

But something happened to him.

So I asked what ? 

He said that he passed away.

I could feel his immense pain.

He continued through this pain as tears started to fall from his eyes.

He said do you know who he was, and I said no.

He revealed that it was his son Colin, and it was he who guided him to me, as it was he who wanted to awake me on my soul mission.

He said, I don’t like to call on him, as for me I wish for him to rest.

But today I asked him to please show me why am I here.

He said, Elaine I was with you since the beginning of the Aya experience, as I am here for you.

Since that day this family is part of my soul.

As Colin is part of my soul group.

His mission is now my mission.

Colin is my soul brother.

A Star Seed.

Now a star that shines its light so bright for us all.

It was the most special experience of my life.

Until this day it never left my heart.

Thank you, Thank you.

I am honored for Life🙏

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