Earthflower Spirituality

Honor the Play of Magic✨

There is an energy of judgement on this Earth.

People like to judge.

They judge you if you did something poorly, they even judge you if you are doing something great.

Judgement comes from the mind, it has to do with ones own mindset.

What the mind suggests is good or bad.

Yet what is actually good or bad ?

Because to one something might seem extremely bad and to another extremely good.

So this has to with ones own perspective on life.

Usually if one has a lower perspective, one sees most things as terribly bad.

Now for the ones that are seeing life through a higher perspective, one sees all things as it is.

No judgement exists within this view, as this is the sight of Consciousness.

The most highest perspective.

Again one can only discover this through ones own direct experience, by going within oneself.

As life is a brilliant unfolding of Consciousness, not of mankind.

Mankind is part of the play, yet not the un folder of the play.

It is a participant, as a witnesser.

Yet only God can unfold all life experiences.

One is only a beautiful expression of Grace.

We are beyond all the human stories, as the consistent Consciousness self.

It is a Divine Play, not a human play.

It is a play set by God, it is its own play.

Honor the Play of Magic.

Remain Magnificently.

As the Everlasting Spirit.

And eat some cotton candy while you’re at it.



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