Earthflower Spirituality

Freedom Forever🙌🏼

God only gives the strongest warriors a challenging path.

Its part of its plan.

As within the challenges lies ones complete Freedom.

It is so.

Many times we ask why God.

Well, why ?

Because there is a greater plan that awaits you.

One that ones mind cannot even comprehend.

Most of the times, when a huge transition is in place.

Many leaves will be removed from ones tree of life.

So that new leaves can grow.

This is Magical.

So the leaves of which are not pure, will be demolished into dirt.

Back to the earth.

As compost.

Now from within this dirt arises new fresh Flowers.

These flowers have reached the sun.

So ones tree is now fully in Bloom.

With the most beautiful flowers.

New beings are now able to recognize you.

As one has transformed from old to new.

One transitions into a new Soul Group.

The Mystical has become ones view.

One Emerges as Consciousness.

Shifting from mind to heart.

Transcending person to being.

Which is Freedom Forever.



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