Earthflower Spirituality

Discover your I AM👁

The one who manipulates becomes a manipulator.

A silly act.

One that derives from a personal sense of power.

A dominant force.

Either of hierarchy or just plain money.

They say money is the root of all Evil.

It is true.

This is a play of disruption.





All ego acts.

It is something that destroy lives.

A mediocre act.

For the Liberated Soul, it just flows.

It accepts life as it is.

No need for manipulations.

This Soul is true Power.

It flows only intuitively.

It says sorry if needed.

It does not judge its path.

It does not dominate its path.

It does not manipulate its path.

As all these derives from a conditioned mind.

Only an egoic person acts this way.

A Free Being is Free.

It has no need of this egoic play.

As a Liberated Soul is Pure Awareness. 

It observers the unfolding of Gods play.

It does not manipulate its play.

As Awareness is aware of the play.

It does not identify with the play.

It remains Free.

It is not really the player.

It is the witnesser of the play.

It lets life Unfold without any need to manipulate or Control.

This Being has found true Liberation.

Discover your I AM👁


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