Earthflower Spirituality

Being is Life💚

It is only a small percentage of humans on Earth that is really making a difference.

A difference into the Consciousness direction of change.

Most beings are victims of the play.

Disguised as roles.

Believed that they are these roles.

In a dream state.

Thinking their personas are so real.

Lost in their own mind made illusions.

Glorified by other illusions.

Feelings of I am needed and I am an important role in society. 

All in a state of Material Delusions.

These humans are Earthly Bound.

They are so attached to these temporary roles, that they forget who they truly are.

As in truth we are all Free. 

A role can only be chosen by consciousness itself.

Yet, most humans believe their forms are more important than their spirits.

Because they think they are the forms, the actors, the roles.

This is the delusion.

One can never be only a form, actor nor role, as matter, as a role are only temporary plays of consciousness.

Spirit is the only consistent truth.

So what happened ?

Consciousness which is spirit now has the complete believe it is a form.

Which is also hilarious.

As one lowers its own standards, one can say, by becoming less powerful.

Because if one has the believe I am these roles and only these roles, one limits one vastness and ones greatness.

So why do this ?

Why would anyone want to limit itself, only mind wants you to do this.

As it is here to keep you bound as form, believed you are only human and one forgets about the Being.

The Being which is the true Eternal Soul.

Beyond any human form.

As without Being there are no roles.

As without Being there is no life.

As Being is Consciousness.

Being is Life.

Just BE💛


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