Earthflower Poetry

Be Brilliantly Light✨

I never liked sucking up.

It is not my style.

You see, I am a Queen.

Who does not need sucking.

I flow as consciousness.


All that I need is already here.

I am the flow of life.

I am Life.

Life does not do the sucking.

Life is All.

It is only the ones who believe they are less as person, less than others becomes Slimy.

A Liberated Being knows it is life as beyond this life.

It is the participant as the observer.

It does not need sucking up.

This being is Confident.

This being is Content.

This being is Natural.

This being is Fearless.

This being is Love.

This being is Bright.

As it flows into the spontaneous unfolding of the universal cosmos.

A destined flow.

That needs NO SUCKING up.

This being is a Free Spirt.

It has Discovered its truth.

That it is an Eternal Soul.

Be Brilliantly Light.

Discover the Self Sleepers.



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