Earthflower Spirituality


Personal Revenge is a pitiful act.

It comes from a desire to win.

A mind projection, which derives from an expectation. 

An expectation of how things ought to be.

If this has not transpired the way the mind projected it, and if one is attached to this projection one becomes an angry person.

Anger can turn into envy and jealousy.

One wishes to have what one is attached too.

One does all in ones power to get this.

All through an Ego Mindset.

Very Malicious.

This person operates in evil ways.

Now here darkness can take over an individual.

It is something that even Consciousness created.

It creates a persona that even the Consciousness itself cannot stand anymore.

The persona becomes overpowered to ones host body.

Leaving Consciousness in a wanting to destroy its personal self.

As one cannot live like this anymore, it becomes “too much”. Even ones breathing becomes so heavy.

It is a burning of what cannot exist anymore.

This is Awakening.

It is not a pretty story.


It is more like awakening from a nightmare.

Something one thought was real, to realize all is unreal.

All is illusions.

One Detaches.

This is an Awakened beings revenge.

To Ignore all that doesn’t serve.

To Remain always as,

The Awareness.



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