Earthflower Spirituality

A wise soul is born👁

It takes two to tango.

One gives, another receives.

One talks, another listens.

One is always able to agree, disagree, or remain neutral.

All is done within the play of duality.

No one can throw faults.

All is a decision made by oneself.

All acts are done by oneself.

The only thing one can do is learn from the experience.

Which parts of oneself needs attention.

Which flaws are needed to transform.

This is being a mature soul.

Only immature souls blame others.

Yet, all is ones own choice.

No one place a gun on your head and said this is what you needed to believe.

All actions are done through oneself.

In life many human beings play the victim role.

You did this to me.

Yet, this is not true.

As one was an active participant in whichever play that has unfolded.

A victim mentality keeps one limited.

As by portraying as a victim, one cannot change and grow.

As for consciousness it takes full responsibility for its own actions.

As it knows that all that unfolds is for ones own good.

As in each experience holds a lesson.

If one stands still within the lesson, one will soon discover the meaning.

But if one lives life as a victim, ones life will be felt as a victim.

Blaming all others for ones own free will choices or decisions.

I say remain as the Awareness.m

See all as a story line that needed to unfold, rather than I am the stories.

We are not the stories.

We are the Witnesser of the stories.

Remain Free.

Recognize what needs transcendence from within you

Be Real to yourself.

As within your own inner change lies ones peace.

Be the Change means, changing of ones own negative habits, conditions and thoughts.

Everyone is here for greater change.

No one is perfect.

Actually we are all imperfectly perfect.

Earth is our school.

Be the student that is open to grow.

Look at all experiences as ones teachers.

When moving through life within this flow.

A Wise Soul will be born.

I AM✌🏼 


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