Earthflower Spirituality

We are the Magic of the Universe✨

All is Destined.

In life one reaches various “destiny points”

As one is walking this earthly path, each destiny point is for Grander Awakening.

All of which will be ever chosen at each point will be done according to your Consciousness Capacity.

Because all beings are operating within a different Level of Consciousness.

This has to do with ones direct life experiences and inner discoveries.

All of which is naturally unfolding to Awaken one into ones Truth.

So every decision is one set by Consciousness itself.

Even the unconscious ones.

As it spontaneously unfolds, we are continually evolving as Consciousness.

We become Brighter.

Because it is meant for all human beings to reach its highest level of Consciousness, if not in this life, it will happen within another.

This is the Consciousness plan of which is set for all beings.

This is why for an Awaken being, it always knows that Life takes care of Life.

As it has discovered that all is Destined.


Set by God itself.

No need for any pressure.

No need for any judgements.

No need for any expectations.

No need for any control.

God naturally unfolds life within all dimensions, planes and planets.

All is unfolding for all beings Consciousness Evolution.

It is the truest Magician.

Trust and have Faith in God.

This is your Truth.

Let Consciousness express spontaneously through you.

Just Be.

We are the Magic of the Universe.



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