Earthflower Spirituality

True Happiness💛

How to make a life change ?

By Changing !

Its that easy.

As an end of a phase comes, a new beginning always awaits.

As Life is a Continual Flow, it never stops.

So as one door closes, another one is already open.

One just needs to keep moving forward.

Its that simple.

Again as Life is a Continuation it never ends.

So only forward we can go.

If a change of any kind is needed, it will be done naturally within life’s natural flow. 

If any direction is needed to be taken, one is already walking towards it, as it.

As Life is a spontaneous unfolding.

It is so.

Only mind has thoughts of which direction is good or bad.

If so the one thing that your fear to do the most, do it.

As within ones fears lies ones freedom.

Its the Truth.

Fly as an Eagle Fearlessly into ones heart desires.

Its ones Only True Happiness.

I See YOU👁


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