Earthflower Spirituality

Speaking your Truth🙏

Speaking your TRUTH.

Something I had much difficulty with.

As I did not want to be lonely.

So I would mostly pretend.

I would pretend not to care when I did care.

I would pretend not to be angry when in fact I was.

I would pretend not to be sad when I was saddened.

In my new path, I welcome my emotions as they are, raw and authentic.

I don’t pretend.

You see, many yoga teachers do, they post a photo of their well structured bodies, post a quoted masters words, and act like this is my reality.

Which is not true, as we are all human beings, we see, we feel, we are.

So when I became a yoga teacher I felt restricted, as I felt I had to be masked up in order for one to come to my classes.

Yet at the same time, I felt an urge to burn down that stigmatized yoga community.

As I see life as you are all flows that life wishes for you to experience, at the same time you are apart of the flows.

Meaning apart of all experiences, thoughts and sensations. 

So why not be Raw and Authentic as this is the only way we can learn and grow from each other.

If everyone acts like they have made it, than how would we learn and grow ?

You see, to me this is none-sense, no one is able to say that they don’t feel duality, hurt, anger or pain.

As this is the human show on earth.

To experience life as it is, as to be expressed by life as life itself.

As we are Life.

So why hide life behind a masked face or a facade.

I am LIFE.

Literally and figuratively as beyond it.

So I just Be.

Being which is my true essence.

Not a cultured programmed human, that feels it needs to hide itself.

I just be as my self, Consciousness.

I Express in my now as my now is, I do not judge my now.

I am this NOW.

The beings who love you will always love you no matter what, the ones who are no longer part of your life is also a natural unfolding for your highest good.

Just BE.



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