Earthflower Spirituality

Rise of Consciousness­čî║

Change can only happen individually not collectively.

Because this Change can only derive from within oneself.

As your within transforms, so does your without.

As Within, As Without.

Yet, this has not been taught to us.

To look within ourselves, to discover our own truth.

We are so focused on the outwards, that we look at anything outside to say that it is needing change.

But the one who searches within finds itself.

When one finds itself one realizes that one is not in control of anything.

All is Controlled and Destined by God or Consciousness.

It unfolds ALL of life.

This is the beauty of Acceptance.

Within accepting life as it is, one finds INNER PEACE.

This Peace will work on behalf of Consciousness.

In the most Superior ways, one that benefits the Entire Universe, as One.

This is Universal Consciousness.

It is the demolition of Tribes mentality, the I am separate from you, which creates war within as without.

We are all flowing even without knowing into One Universal Consciousness.

This is the Christ Consciousness Shift, one of a much Higher and Broader Perspective.

One of Eternal Oneness.

This is the New Earth, we are all in it.

Just Enjoy the Ride.

As the Rise of Consciousness on Earth is here to stay.

I AM­čî║


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