Earthflower Spirituality

Purely Magical✨

Transcending the Dark Witches, into Lightworkers.

The term witch is one that most people know on Earth.

On this plane we have two types of beings.

The ones who work for dark and the ones who work for light.

Dark Energy can be created and played with on this 3rd dimensional plane.

As this play consists of dark and light vibrational energies.

The Yin and Yang.

So I get ask this question a lot, does witchcraft work.

This is what we call a knowledge question in spiritual term.

Well, witchcraft can only work if one has an identified mind.

If one believes it is only person.

As thoughts believed in carries vibrations.

Now if a witch placed a “spell” on you, this low vibration can linger in ones space, Only if one has habitual low vibrational thoughts.

As this is the Only way one can attract that type of energy is ones space.

Now for an Awakened being this is totally different.

As an Awaken being is not person, it knows it is consciousness.

As so this being space is clear, as its mind is not in a state of identifications with low vibrational thoughts.

So if a “spell” is placed on an Awaken being, because it is consciousness it remains UNTOUCHED.

In full Power.

Now for the witch that has placed the “spell” another game plan awaits. 

As this person because of its believes and identifications it will attract its own “spell”.

So within the bigger picture, the spells it placed was on itself as for the person who paid to place a “spell” on someone else.

So the joke is on the Witch.

As Light always prevails.

It is what holds all of life.

It beams out the darkness immediately.

So the one Power any human being has is to transform is its believe that I am person.

By doing this one will always remain Unchanged.

As the Change can only be perceived and felt through person, by your consciousness self.

Consciousness is the Unchanging only appearing temporary as the Changing.

Be Consciousness.

Purely Magical.


I AM👁 


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