Earthflower Spirituality

I am Eternally Free💛

When one dies one does not go to heaven nor hell.


As these are sensations of which can only be felt and believed in on this 3rd dimensional plane.

When ones psychical body dies, ones spirit “remembers” home, as not even one returns home as one will see that one was always home.

As home is the space of which we are.

As a spirit transitions back home, this spirit has either discovered during its earthly life that it is eternal, if not it will discover this at the end of its earthly incarnation.

So what happens when we die.

It is like we suddenly remember that this was all a Divine Dream.

So one Awakens back from the sleep.

The sleep means not knowing that one is only an actor on the screen of consciousness portrayed temporary as consciousness itself in the form of a human being.

When one is asleep one has the idea that I am the body, so only person.

Yet this is not completely true, as we are not merely our bodies, we are the spirit that resides within the body.

Spirit is the Eternal One.

It cannot die.

Only body dies.

So as soon as one transitions back home from an earthly life, one remembers this.

Most of the times an Angel will be there welcoming you back home.

This Angel might be someone that has already passed, for example a close relative or a member of ones soul family.

So one is in a state of Euphoria, as one is back home.

So we do not go to hell nor heaven when we die, rather we return back home.

As sensations of heaven and hell can only be felt on this 3rd dimensional plane.

Knowing this and having this inner discovery brings back Joy into ones life.

As one always knows.

I am Eternally Free.

As Soul.

I love you all💙


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