Earthflower Spirituality

Force of Nature🌿

The art of walking away.

The one who walks away is one who does not take life personally.

As only person has fears to walk away.

Fear of Lost.

Fear of being seen as a Fool.

Fear of the Unknown.

A Liberated soul walks into the direction of Freedom.

It has no personal sense of entitlement.

This being is Consciousness.

It has no more Roles.

It is free of Persona.

This is a Free Spirit.

It has no identifications.

It is Limitlessly.

This is a Free Soul.

It is Open.

It is Contentious.

It is Able.

It is Willing.

It does not even walk.

It Flows.

It is not withheld by anything.

It is Life itself.

Life flows as an endless River into the Hearts of Home.


Moving Forward.

An Unstoppable.

Force of Nature🌿


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