Earthflower Spirituality

Awareness is Timelessness✨

Ones the past is gone, it is gone.

Only mind relives the past.

But it is You who chooses to give it attention or not.

As a memory can resurface but only You have the power to open that memorial book or not.

As one can stay as Awareness.

One does not need to open the memories book.

One can just stay as the Observer and not connect.

As it is only You that gives connection to a memory or not.

You are the Awareness, again not a past memory.

The Awareness of memories.

It sees past, now as future.

As it is beyond time.

Awareness is Timelessness.

So whenever a painful memory comes for visitations.

Remember You are the Awareness.

You decide to Open that door or not.

You decide if it is needing visitations or not.

All is Your Choice.

Remain as Awareness.

Within this space one is disconnected from all past, present or future.

One is Only I.

I Consciousness.

I Truth.

I Spirit.

I Self.



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