Earthflower Spirituality

Like attracts like

Like attracts Like.

Meaning the energy you are currently vibrating is the energy you will attract.

If one has a negative state of mind, one will always attract experiences as people with the same state of mind.

As our energies attract other energies.

Our human minds tends to analyze situations where we conclude things we really don’t know anything about. 

As most of the times when one is experiencing something one has no clue why one is experiencing it at that point. 

Usually when time passes one sees the meaning and lessons behind the experiences.

In the moment of the experience itself what one can try do is be in control of ones thoughts.

With this I mean, notice the thoughts as separate from your own life.

Meaning a thought is not your life.

A thought is just a thought.

Only when one believes the thoughts, one becomes the thoughts itself, an identified person.

This creates mind identifications, one starts to identify with the projections of the mind.

As mind itself has its own projections, which are always lower than projections from heart.

Mind projections are always the ones that gives doubts and fears.

So if one believes these thoughts and emotions one becomes them, as one will attract them in situations as the people’s in ones life.

As thoughts creates our spatial vibration even from a distance.

So the next time one starts to blame or complain about the experiences of ones life, take a good look at your thoughts.

One will quickly realize that one is identified with these low vibrational thoughts.

But if one remains as the Awareness, which is life itself and a part of thoughts and sensations, one stays Awaken. 

Meaning not in a dream state, with the believe I am my thoughts and emotions.

Yet knowing I am the Consistent Self.

As thoughts and sensations are only temporary not constant.

This practice gives back ones True Power.

The Power of Awareness.

Which transforms ones identifications into non-identifications.

Ones Confusions into Knowing.

Ones Noise into Silence.

Ones Disturbance into Peace.

Ones I person into I consciousness.



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