Earthflower Spirituality

Celebrate life✨

As I received happy Women’s day messages, I did not feel anything much.

As for me growing up I felt disconnected with girls.

I had friends that came and go.

Many of which de-friended me during the school years.

I never understood why.

My mom used to say “Elaine don’t be silly about it”

So I would hold my emotions within, to not be seen silly.

I was one that played with my brother, he was my friend.

As the years went on I accepted that I am not one for many friends, I was more of a chess piece.

So today as we celebrate Women’s day, I still look at life as forget about gender.

Lets have a Consciousness year.

How about that.

A Consciousness year, to enlighten ourselves.

To look within us to discover who we truly are.

To learn to appreciate our true essence.

Which is of Spirit.

To Celebrate Life.

At all Times.

To rejoice in Gratitude.

To create a Earth of Oneness.

To expand our love from within into the outside world.

To know in depth who we truly are.

A Free Spirit of Consciousness.

No gender.


A Flower.



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