Earthflower Spirituality

Be a friend to life💚


If a sensation of guilt arises, try not to identify with it.

Yet feel.

Feel these emotions as they are here in your space only temporary to teach you something.

It can be something within you that needs a bit of attention

It is a time to stand still for a moment.

Let the emotions show you where you feel change needs to come.

Use the emotion as a matter of transcendence.

In this space one does not judge.

One becomes the transformer.

As you remain detached.

One sees that guilt can only be felt by person.

As Consciousness has no guilt of itself.

It is Free, boundless.

It flows as Life.

So whatever happened, should have happened.

The Only power now is to transcend this voice.

The one that says you did it badly, or you should have done it differently.

This is the voice of Ego.

Not at all Consciousness.

As your True Self is the bliss of now.

It flows as life, all is a teacher, a lesson, a chapter that needed to unfold.

For Change the come.

Change can only happen via direct experience.

As so all that one experiences is for a greater change.

Accept life accordingly as it is.

Be a friend to life.

Say yes to life.

As you are LIFE.

I love you.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏


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