Earthflower Spirituality

Let life play out✨

We are Soul.

A Radiant Soul.

A Light of Consciousness.

A true Delight.

Our souls are neither feminine nor masculine.

It is of pure Consciousness.

Souls travel from time into time.

As a soul reincarnates it chooses a form.

On this 3rd dimensional plane it can be a feminine or masculine form.

However on other dimensions souls do not necessary chose a masculine or feminine form.

As other planets and dimensions the forms differ.

For Example, There are planes where souls fly, like birds.

On a planet like this the Soul has no role of I am men or women.

It is only soul.

Experiencing life, as Life itself. 

As another example, not all Animals flow within the duality of men and women.

So to show this is a culture condition created on Earth. 

Within a culture that creates a persona.

How men should behave and how women should behave.

It started since the beginning of times.

Within the new Paradigm Shift.

There is an awakening into truth.

That we are Soul.

Not person, not body, not sex.

But Soul.

A soul that is expressing a temporary life as form.

Earth is just one of unlimited “schools” one can say.

Many times these roles of I am men or women has created suffering into ones lives.

The new consciousness shift is about Oneness.

To see beyond forms and roles.

To see the beauty of Spirit.

Within this beauty all becomes clear.

Within this merge of heart all becomes Light.

So why deny ourselves of this Liberation.

That we are LIFE.

Not a human form, as matter is not even real.

It is illusionary.

I say, see life as it is a Film.

A film projected by Consciousness.

You are the Observer.

Watching your own movie.

Of course in all movies, you laugh, cry, scream, yet all at the screen, as you know it is just a movie.

Stay here In front of the screen of consciousness.

Let life play out.

Remain detached, as you know it is just a film.

Your Film, and now is the time to change your film.

Create a brilliant version.

Be the Director. “Every man got a right to decide its own destiny”

Yet this destiny should be one that benefits the entire nation, not just you, EVERYONE.

As we are One.

One Consciousness.


Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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