Earthflower Spirituality

Light Master✨

Yin and Yang.

Stillness and Chaos.

Feminine and Masculine.

High and Low.

Light and Dark.

These are the counterparts of life.

The ones that help to awaken us into our truth.

Emotions are part of the play.

They visit our space.

Like clouds passing through us.

In and out.

Usually we tend to ignore them or numb them.

I was one that used to ignore and numb all my emotions, by placing them inside my own closet within.

In order to not let another know how I truly felt, I would push others away.

I would pick a costume from my closet and place it on.

Costumes used to vary, from fake smile, to don’t you dare come near me.

In my new Consciousness Awareness, when emotions comes to visit me, I don’t judge them anymore, I don’t say, Oh no, why you again.

Rather I befriend them for a while.
As these sensations are part of enlightenment.

So I listen to my body as it talks to me.

I remain detached from the emotions and thoughts, yet I am aware of them.

I take these inner insights and I transform them.

I cry, I scream, I laugh, if I have too.

I say my piece if I need too.

Whatever needs to be felt, I feel completely in order to transcend it fully.

I see them as they are apart of me.

I become the sorceress of my own self.

I become the Light Master of my own self.

In order to Beam this Light even more.

As a healer can only heal themselves first in order to heal others.

I Heal.

I Grow.

I Shine.



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