Earthflower Spirituality

A Genie in Disguise✨

Our bodies chosen have a Unique Purpose.

Bodies hold past lifetime energies.

As within each body holds our ancestors Spiritual journey’s.

This is the Beauty of Bodies.

So much wisdom exists within each body.

Within each Incarnation our bodies is used as a way to experience, transcend, express, be, feel and see.

You become Life.

As we Reincarnate, the form chosen holds Energetic Cords and Past Karmic debts that needs to be transformed.

This is all for Play.

As you are the Director, Actor, Actress and Awareness,  you reincarnated here to Play.

For mere Playing as Consciousness.

So not what the mind makes you believe.

Life is not for work but for play.

As the play unfolds as Life.

You are the Magician.

The Play is your Magic.

So as the sensations of pain arises, which we call the pain body.

This is the Magical play of Alchemy.

As this is an opportune moment for transcendence.

One can look at the pain as turning Silver into Gold.

A beautiful way to transcend.

Do not see things as black and white.

Look beyond the life experiences, through the eyes of an Alchemist.

See life as your Own Mystical Magic.

See the Mysterious as a time for Enlightenment.

See the Play as your own Master Plan.

You are Creator of your own Reality.

You Manifest your Now.

Turn all into Pure Wonders.

As you are a Wonder of the Universe.

A Genie in Disguise.


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