Earthflower Spirituality

Create your own Art🎨


What a Blazing expression.

What is your true heart desires.

Something we ask ourselves.

It starts in our late teens.

As everyone around us seems to ask this question.

What are you doing ?

I remember in my late teens I detested this question, as I was actually doing Nothing.

We were partying, drinking, smoking weed, having fun, seeing the sun go down and rise.

The Island Vibrations.

So I really wanted to say that.

Now, because “society, family and friends” expects certain standards, we start to wear masks from early on.

I was one that played these temporary roles.

Especially to tourists visiting the Island and quite enjoying these.

I used to say I was a ballerina living in New York, a singer, an actress, an artist.

As since a kid these were my dreams, things I grew up discovering myself in.

But as we grow older the doubts and fears to follow our true hearts desires comes.

Because the system and our upbringing programs us and creates a believe that only the wealthy can make it or only if you have a decent certification you can make it.

So in the beginning I took the doubtful path.

I studied something that I was not deeply passionate about.

Just to get a certification, to be accepted in “society”, to get by in life.

I did a Tourism Management course, because I always loved traveling.

But the last two years I started to hate that course.

During my internship I could not stand sitting behind a desk and drink coffee to stay awake to help others make their dreams a reality.

This experience showed me this is not for me.

Yet, I finished and graduated.

During my final thesis, I started to deprogram myself through the practice of self inquiry.

From all notions, ideas, theories, experiences and thoughts that created an identity out of me.

This inner discovery drops all that is not serving one.

What remains is the essence of our spirit, which is our true hearts desires.

Its wisdom, grace, courage, will power and understanding will be expressed through you.

As Consciousness.

All journeys taken brings us here, as Life moves us towards this Inner Discovery.

Find your own Divine Expression.

Create your own Art.

I love you.

Elaine Prince🎨Om-Namasté🙏


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