Earthflower Spirituality

Awaken into Truth👁


What a nourishing expression.

It can be a difficult sentence for some to say to themselves or another.

I know as I had the same difficulties for years.

But Now-a-days I hear these words a lot.

People say I love you more easier.

But what I have observed is that the words I love you are used, but without a deeper meaning or action behind it.

As words are just words until your actions sprouts from them.

As Love is what we truly are.

When I say I love you it is coming from a deeper space from within my heart.

From being.

It is not coming from person.

As mind can also say I love you.

But if it comes from mind, this I love you comes always from wanting something personal in return out of that I love you. 

An expectation, rather than Unconditional Love.

Within Pure Love.

There is no hierarchy, such as, I am higher or lower than you, I am at the top, you are the bottom, to be liked or not liked, or I owe you and you owe me.

To use and act out of Unconditional Love, is discovering one is LOVE and ONE with all of Life.

As so one gives LOVE out of this inner Overflowing River of Love.

It doesn’t just say I Love.

Rather this being is Love.

It acts fully out of Love.

Awaken into your Truth.

You are not words.

You are the unspoken.



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