Earthflower Spirituality

The Consistent Truth👁


What a Beautiful word and expression this has become for me.

As my life itself.

My mom always taught us to say thank you to God.

But as I got older I did not say thank you to God, as my connection with Grace has diminished.

Because I did not truly know that God existed, as my past life hurdles made me feel as it did not.

I started my Awakening path as a seeker.

Meaning someone who had doubts about God, Religion and Spirituality.

I was always more of a philosopher, scientists, a theorist, my brother, some friends and I would always talk for hours about conspiracy theories.

I was more of a Darwin, I saw all as The evolution of humans.

But within my own inner discovery.

I now truly know that we are in a Evolution of Consciousness.

Not humans, but consciousness.

As matter is really energy.

Energy is Consciousness.

All is Consciousness.

As so my connection with God opened completely, as I began to see life through my own Mystical Eyes.

As we are really Mystical Beings, not human beings.

Mystical meaning.

We are energy yet appears as matter.

We have bodies, thoughts, objects, that can be used to create experiences and sensations.

Which feels and is seen as Matter, yet All is Energy.

All is Consciousness.

None is truly Matter.

This is Mystic.


As our consciousness expands so does our “Mystical Reality” it becomes so much greater, broader, higher, loving, peaceful, magical, oneness, totally different than the “Human Reality”

As Vibrations are at a constant High.

As ones True Self.

The Conscious Self.

Even when the “obstacles” seems to come, because they will come, as this is the Game of Life.

One always remains as Grateful.

As one knows all is for a temporary Play.

I Am the Consistent Truth.

As so I say.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You God.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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