Earthflower Poetry

Mystic revealing✨

I was laying inside this cage.

Crumbled into a fetus position. 

I could not see the light.

As my eyes was hazed by shadows.

I saw a hand that was reaching mine.

Within my own desperation.

I extended my arm out.

My hand grabbed this hand.

I was pulled towards the light.

My eyes became cleansed.

I could see that there was never a cage.

I could see that all shadows are fantasies.

Not real.

I began to laugh so hard.

My cheeks were in extacy.

I heard this other echo of laughter in this vast space.

I felt its grace.

As I was burning the illusions.

I saw another burning flame within this endless space.

As my flame became bigger.

I saw my flame connect with this other flame.

All turned into void.

I was observing the mystic revealing of I.

Here I clearly saw that the only real was always.




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