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I express through my form as Art👁

I was one that never liked injustice, I would rage inside for days, weeks or months.

This distrust started within my life experiences since childhood.

So as a young kid I was seeing life through the eyes of separation.

I remember a certain event that transpired when I was 9.

Me and my brother, he age 8 at that time, were playing outside, and some kids of the neighborhood (same age as us) began to tease my brother.

I remember this as it was yesterday.

I became so angry that these boys were humiliating and teasing my brother.

That I ran inside our house, I went to the kitchen, I took the biggest cutting knife, and I ran back outside.

I held this huge knife in my right hand and I said to them, if you ever tease my brother again, I will kill you !

This experience turned the boys into scared little puppies and me into a scary little girl.

When I look back at that day, because I sometimes go here as Awareness, I see it as a girl who was so hurt as a young child and she disliked Injustice so much.

I see a scared little girl with distrust in life.

I see a frightened girl who felt like she needed to defend her brother from evil people.

This was how I lived my life for years inside my own prison.

Looking at all of life through the eyes of ego, the duality eyes.

In my own little bubble.

The I am different and separate from you, as so I need to protect me.

Since a child I used to have many distrust with other people.

As a child I wrote all in my diaries, as I could not speak my pain, sufferings, and miseries to others.

Writing is my artistic expression.

Any time I feel this same rage as it comes I tell you, it still comes.

I immediately express myself through writing.

The writing I use as my creative expression which I combine with photography, my own dance, my own singing or illustrations or art of which inspires me.

I like to play with dark and light in my writings, as I like to transcend through my poetry.

It is the thing that gives me the most joy.

I am a Creative Expressionistic Writer.

I Express through my form.

As Art.

Elaine Prince👁Om-Namasté🙏


2 thoughts on “I express through my form as Art👁

  1. You are gifted. I wish so much love for you. I read between the lines, I understand your inner struggle and I see your incredible faith. Inner beauty is forged out of darkness. Some people are blinded by outer beauty so much, they do not see past it. This can be experienced as alienating, yet, always a sign of a shallow being. The soul is complex and we are all beset by great inner trials,fears,insecurities and vulnerabilities. We all feel pain and we all suffer at times.

    You are understood. You are loved, and you are a going to be OK! – you are made for this moment

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