Earthflower Spirituality

Follow your Heart💛

When one decides to make a big life change from within as without, some noises always seems to come haunt us.

This is Life itself testing your trust, believe, courage and faith in Life.

Life is Consciousness.

Tests may come through the things that needs to be transcended into freedom.

Old memories of ones childhood or past relationships seems to resurface.

Old habits seems to arise.

The troublemaker friends tend to message.

The doubtful and fearful thoughts come to visit us.

It is as if the ego mind knew a big transformation is about to come.

Something that will turn your life around.

It is as if the old personalities knew that their about to be melted down.

For the true self to arise.

So a play of dark and light.

As the Alchemist that you are, now is your chance to create Alchemy.

Whenever these tests arrive, always be the Awareness, try not to identify, but stay quiet.

Close your eyes, go within and observe for a while.

The thing that you fear to lose the most, is what you need to let go off. 

As fear is illusionary not real, it comes from mind, not heart.

The thing that you doubt or fear to do the most, you have to do that.

As fear and doubt are illusionary they come from mind, not heart.

The things that makes you feel nauseous or anxious, let them go.

As these sensations are created by the same fearful and doubtful thoughts believed from mind.

All these are the way it will try to keep you bound.

They only come as the big leap of faith is about to come.

As you notice these, you remain as the Awareness and detached from the tests.

Soon after these tests will no longer be felt, as there is no one identifying, and playing this role.

As only Awareness remains.

From here one moves easily, spontaneously, intuitively, fearlessly and freely from heart.

As all thoughts and sensations derives from mind, and are only temporarily as they cannot exist in the space of Awareness, they lose their power immediately.

The thing that your heart longs for the most, is what you need to do.

As these are desires of the Heart, they truly never leave you, until you make them real.

As they come from your soul, from consciousness itself.

Follow your Heart.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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