Earthflower Spirituality

Rise the Mighty people🙏

Most people on earth are uneducated.

Born on a country and knows only about that country.

We are being polluted by our media, which creates an obsessive ego mind that wants to follow the sheep mentality.

What I mean with this is if most of us place time to read about different cultures, religions, spirituality, history, science, to travel to other countries, to go within oneself, we would expand our consciousness and perspectives on life.

But if most people on Earth continue to follow the media they will become sheep.

It’s that simple.

Without knowing you are daily being programmed and manipulated by the system, to judge, distrust and discriminate other cultures, believes, races and religions.

All that has to with separation.

Without knowing when one believes I should watch the news to keep ahead you are being manipulated to think a certain way and to see life and to believe a certain way.

The thousands of commercial that you see on TV is created to manipulate you to buy certain things.

The Social Media Stars, Reality TV Stars and all Hollywood Stars that you watch are being paid to manipulate you to become obsessed with them.

This is media.

All goes into your subconscious, its seeds are being planted.

Next time you are saying, Oh, I saw this yesterday on TV or Social media, It’s good they said, I better buy it.

Without you knowing afterwards you believe you think you need things you never did, or you sit obsessing with stars who do not know you nor really care about you.

You might know were they are on vacation, but you don’t even know where you are in life.

It is up to you to choose who I watch, what I hear, what I read and what I place in my space.

As all is energy, and you are an energy being.

It is up to you to choose You.

To discover the only truth that is within.

Which is your consciousness self.

Wake Up and Live !

Rise the Mighty People.

We are One.

All is up to you.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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