Earthflower Spirituality

Just be Life💚

Your life is your book, be proud of your book.

Your book is a destined one, created by God itself.

God is our true parent.

Called it God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Jah, Krishna, Shiva, Universe, Consciousness, it is the same Source, the same creator of all of life.

Its pure essence resides within our hearts and within all of life.

As you wake up each day, each moment, a new passage of your chapter is being revealed by life itself.

Life is Consciousness.

You are Consciousness.

As so you are Life.

Each moment should be seen as a teacher.

All is a mystery.

Honor all clouds, the experiences that are passing by within your space.

You are the witnesser and the active participant of the unfolding.

Each chapter brings wisdom through life experience.

Each end of a chapter is a celebration for the lessons learned.

Each new chapter is another opportunity for conscious growth.

We are the students as we are discovering.

We are the teachers as we transforming.

We are the masters as we are awakening.

We are the change, as we become it.

Each flow is ever so fresh.

Each new now is a gift to take a leap of faith.

Step into the direction of your true hearts desires.

As life is your own Magical ride.

Created for You.

Make a Wish.

Open up your present.

Just Be Life.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté🙏

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