Earthflower Spirituality

Sat Chit Ananda🙏

The sat-chit-ananda.

Sat is existence, Chit is consciousness and Ananda is bliss.

The path of only a chosen few.

When one discovers oneself, one will accept all of life as it is.

Even the things that seemed so crazy, you accept those things too.

As one knows all is a temporary play for consciousness awakening.

As one goes within one starts to travel back home.

At first one discovers soul.

Afterwards one goes deeper into truth and one discovers this blissful space of presence.

Here one is being marinated from within, but still individualism exist in this state, yet a beautiful state as your being is loved by your beloved itself, which is GOD.

Now there are only some beings who have reached the ultimate and most highest state.

The Absolute state.

Here one sees that also presence itself is temporarily and not entirely permanent.

Here one sees that all is maya, all illusion, a divine play of consciousness.

That the Absolute self projects all of consciousness.

That all is pre ordained and controlled by GOD.

That this temporary experience, is only for play.

That it is a projection of the Absolute Self.

As through ones inner discovery this consistent truth will be found, Home.

One either laughs, cries, or is without words.

As one clearly sees that this is an illusion.

That in truth we know nothing, as all is a natural and spontaneous unfolding set by the Universe.

Yet it is seen from a far as the awareness, on a consciousness screen one can say, as so life becomes a movie.

One is also a active participant in this play, yet always aware it is consciousness expressing a temporary human role.

So for an awakened being who has discovered the Absolute Self the moments vary, they are mostly not understandable.

When seeing life through the eyes of awareness, life becomes a movie, with all types of genres, sometimes life can be seen as a bit strange, other times blissful, sometimes one feels as nothing at all, othertimes as everything.

Yet all of this is seen through the eyes of awareness on the screen of consciousness.

This is the most sublime state.

The state of Awareness.



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