Earthflower Spirituality

Be the Poise of Earth💙

Woman who find the imperishable within, are able to be a true Goddess.

As the Goddess resides within us all.

I sometimes hear the words woman use to other woman and I feel sad.

Words such as bitch, whore, slut, gold-digger, just to name a few.

These woman don’t even realize that they are projecting their own self believes onto another or the world if these things are expressed on social media.

As these are their own self believes and now to make themselves feel for a second better, they bash these words unto another.

It is sad, as there is no unity amongst woman on earth.

Woman are competing with one another, instead of raising their own consciousness vibration.

Well I am here to be this change.

I want to create a sisterhood of woman on earth.

As from my heart I see all woman as divine, yet I can also see the ego mind that tries to take the oneness within.

I am here to remind each woman, you are a divine Goddess.

Use your time to discover this truth within you.

Do not let the ego mind separate you from your heart and anyone else.

Be the Oneness of your Heart

Be the Grace of your Spirit.

If you want to dance, swim naked, take a nude picture in nature, travel alone, do yoga in bikini, take pictures of yoga in bikini, be sexy, paint, be a business woman, be a housewife, be a mom, be a wanderer, were short shorts, were mini skirts, walk barefoot, wear high heels, were cropped tops, stretching your body and your legs, take beautiful selfies, flirt, be natural, write, sing, cook, do nails, do hair, were jeans, were leggings, go clubbing, do gardening, put tattoos, be a leader, wear makeup, do not wear make up, shave, not shave, say what your heart desires, laugh, cry or scream.

Express yourself fully, do whatever you feel, do not give a Fuck about anyone !

Safe your fucks only for magical shit.

Be your ART self.

You are ART.

Show love, respect, honor, compassion, kindness, appreciation to yourself first and this will also be expressed outwardly.

Speak, act and react through the sensuality of your spirit.

Be the Poise of Earth.

Be Free.

Beam your light.

We are One.

I love you.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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