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Be your Magician self✨

Why we do we fear to take a leap of faith ?

Because of the fear of the unknown.

The not being able to control life’s end results.

The expectations our minds have, yet none of these are our own.

They are suggestions of the ego, coming right out of our of mind library one can say.

These are past books and chapters, all to do with past experiences that created conditions and fears into our minds psyche. 

Again not at all you, as mind it totally separate from you.

Remember mind is not brain, mind is a lower vibrated energy that consists out of thoughts which creates temporary body sensations.

Brain is used as a antenna one can say to reach the mind.

This is Magic you see.

So by believing a thought you become a participant of life, as life itself, a temporarily experience and sensations will be felt.

This is why you create your own reality.

As you decide if I let these thoughts manipulate my consciousness or I remain as the pure awareness of all thoughts and sensations and let only heart move me.

It is only by staying as the non identified awareness one is able to flow freely from heart.

Now here life gets super precious.

In the space of your presence self, as consciousness itself.

Which are the same.

In this space all flows as awareness as a participant through ones form, yet one does not have the believe, I am person.

Rather through an inner discovery one knows, I am the awareness.

Because person takes all so personally, as it sees, hears, acts and reacts through its mind, as an identity.

Mind consists out of conditions, past, future, ideas, theories, culture, upbringing, experiences, self believes, and thoughts.

Person moves almost entirely from here.

Awareness can see all this, yet chooses to ignore all this, it knows mind is separate from itself, not real.

As awareness one moves intuitively and spontaneously from heart.

Heart can use brain and thoughts, but it derives out of consciousness.

As mind is unconscious.

So let’s take a leap of faith together and flow from heart.

Lets choose the blank book of self.

Let the unknown become known through consciousness.

Be your Magician self, create your own Magic.

I love you.

Elaine Prince✨Om-Namasté🙏

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