Earthflower Spirituality

Be Free, Experiment🌿

One of the most magical times are the psychedelics or hallucinogens times.

My first marihuana experience was when I was 19, my first mushroom experience when I was 23.

Before I said no to marihuana, as I was programmed to say no, people always used to say that marihuana is a “stepping stone drug” 

Now I know that marihuana is a consciousness expansion plant.

As all plants are consciousness.

It helps to expand ones consciousness, and it broadens ones perspective, it alters ones perception, or awareness on life.

People always become philosophical when they smoke marihuana never violent, always relaxed, calm, chilled, funny, inspired, creative or hilarious.

So now attachment and non attachment comes from mind, not from consciousness.

As one can say, oh Elaine you seem to have an attachment to smoking marihuana and I would say and you seem to have an attachment to not smoking marihuana, you see ? 

It becomes a condition, of what is good or bad.

A liberated being is free of conditions.

Nothing is good or bad, if I want to smoke marihuana, I smoke, I just flow.

If I want to say no, I say no.

If I cannot smoke because it cannot happen, I will not die.

Life is meant to be lived, experimented and flowed in ways that your heart desires, not mind or another’s mind.

As God itself created these magical plants on earth, for enjoyment, inner discovery, consciousness expansion and for all types of medicinal usages, that’s why they are called Food of the Gods.

Other experimentations of which I have done through psychedelics such as LSD ( hallucinogen), ayahuasca, truffles or cacao to name a few, are also consciousness expansion methods.

If one does these experimentations and rituals within a consciousness flow, in a safe environment, bought from a trusted source, surrounded by trusted people, or trusted shamans, one is working with the cosmo flow of the entire universe.

The wisdom of consciousness itself will be enriched into ones soul.

I am not saying you have to experiment with psychedelics to expand your consciousness or everyone should experiment.

But if your heart desires to experiment.

Be Free, Experiment.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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