Earthflower Spirituality

I write about truth💛

Being a woman writer in a dominated yang world can be tough.

As woman are seen by most as sensitive beings and sometimes not even valued for our own expertise, like we cannot be wise or a leader of ourselves.

Well, I am here to be the change of this.

Because I don’t see myself only as a yin energy, I have my beautiful yang energy as well, and both are being expressed through my writing.

I write through stillness, so whatever my heart feels to write comes out of me.

Stillness means through consciousness, through heart and not through a busy mind.

I have been sitting in stillness over 6 years, with my eyes closed discovering my true nature.

To discern what was arising out of the ego mind and what was coming from heart.

To melt down all my untruths so only truth is able to remain.

As through a busy mind only ones projections can come out of ones own mind made conditions, which are self believes, ego thoughts and habits all derived from our culture, upbringing and environment.

A writer that expresses itself from within stillness is writing out of consciousness.

Thoughts like, will I be liked after I post this can come from mind, but I ignore them and I just write and post.

As I have discovered my true nature.

What does be the Change mean to me ?

It is living life in accordance to my own inner truth.

It is not caring at all what other people think.

It is not wanting to be accepted or liked.

As I have discovered my own endless love.

It is knowing that my spirit itself is of courage and strength.

It is living in connection with the creator of all.

It is knowing that I am a child of God.

It is moving spontaneously from the heart.

It is knowing that I am life itself and even beyond life.

It is living life freely without any mental conditions.

I write about truth.

I just Write.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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