Earthflower Spirituality

I am Consciousnessđź’›

I write as consciousness, about consciousness, for consciousness to consciousness.

As we are all one consciousness.

However all souls are growing within a different rate on earth.

All humans have a different consciousness level.

As so I write as consciousness spontaneously for all types of audience not just for one, but Universal.

Meaning sometimes, I write about knowledge questions, the metaphysics, dimensions, what is earth, soul, spirit, soul journey, soul age, reincarnation, science, alchemy, manifestations, yoga, plant medicine, permaculture, reforestation, tarot cards, soul families, soul companions, soul mates ect.

These are for the souls who are just starting their spiritual path and have these types of knowledge questions.

Other times I write about wisdom questions, for liberation of mind, untruths vs truths, ego vs. heart, self inquiry, presence and discovering the absolute self.

These are for the seekers, the beings who are desperate to discover their true nature.

I have discovered my true self, so I am not writing for my person, but as consciousness about consciousness to consciousness.

All is from consciousness, as all is consciousness and all for awakening.

I am an expression of the divine grace, a mirror for all, I write what it wishes to be known.

As my teacher Mooji says, the ones who are interested will learn, but the ones who are desperate will discover.

A speaker of truth has not many friends, and it does not mind, as a speaker of truth is free of mind.

We are One.


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