Earthflower Spirituality

Be the wisdom of consciousnessđź’›

Whenever we need to explain ourselves too much to others, of why we did certain things, look within and see who has this need to defend itself.

As no-one has the right to judge you, not even God judges, as it sees all its children as holy.

Look within and you will find out.

As each person is consciousness, as so all is part of the Source of life.

All that you have gone through or will go through was set by God itself, as it unfolds life naturally.

Look within and you will discover.

You will soon notice that these voices of judgement are deriving from the ego mind.

As when another judges, its again its own self judgements projected onto another.

So the mind judges you and you as person, say yes mind, I did it bad or good.

Which are all lies, as all just is.

Nothing is good or bad, this is only a thought, it is ones own perspective onto what is good or bad.

What you have been taught or experienced since childhood.

For example, in India dead is seen as a very normal thing, from the videos of which I saw and the stories of which I heard, you see dead people everywhere.

Yet in the West dead is seen as a the end of the world, people close the coffins sometimes, to not see a dead body.

So again this has to do with culture perspectives.

When one finds truth within, all these cultures notions, programmings, believes, thoughts, ideas, theories of which no longer serves one, will completely vanish.

As only consciousness will remain.

As so I say before you start defending your own person, look within and see if your true inner beauty needs any defense.

Ignore, walk away, forgive, have compassion, love all, remain in peace, as silence, learn, grow, share if you feel.

Act and react through the wisdom of consciousness.

Just Be.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏


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