Earthflower Spirituality

We are One Consciousnessđź’›

It is one eyes seeing itself within all eyes.

We are all one consciousness.

In each form or object within the universe exists consciousness, as so all is consciousness.

Life is consciousness.

As so all is Life.

Consciousness unfolds life naturally, as so all just is.

Our souls travel’s in groups, one calls these soul groups.

These groups are mixed into, soul companions, soul families and soulmates.

Soul companions incarnate in various lifetimes together, they go through similar divine experiences and lessons.

Each soul group has the same consciousness level, however within a lifetime ones consciousness can expand faster than others in the same group.

As so one moves into another soul group within the same lifetime.

That is why it is very normal for people to come and go within ones life, as some people grow faster into consciousness.

Soul Families are a group of souls who come from the same star planet one can say, so these beings know each other from heart, many times they never meet personally or only occasionally, but mostly via cyber.

Soul families have the same type of soul mission so these beings are widely spread on earth.

Soulmates are souls who have the most experienced lives together in the various planes.

These souls incarnate together with the very same divine soul mission and purpose.

These beings when they meet there meeting feels very familiar, like they have met before, and it is true, as their souls are deeply connected through lives.

Their are primary and secondary soulmates.

The primary, have the most lives together, that started since their beginning of soul, the yin/yang, the other half, these beings only meet between many lifetimes, ones they reunite their hearts melt into one.

They become the power couple.

This is the most sacred union, the ones sets by the heavens, these unions never break.

If you wish to know all these insights, I suggest past life regression or in between life regression. 

I love you.

We are One Consciousness.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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