Earthflower Spirituality

Move through truth🙏

I used to shield my sensitivity a lot.

I was hurt in the past, so I did not want to feel pain anymore.

Because of being an empath, I thought that the emotions of others were my own.

Through my consciousness shift, this peeling of the layers of ones untruth, peels one into a naked soul.

As ones consciousness is expanded into its highest and purest level, as you were born.

So all thoughts that you had, which others projected on you, that you believed in, are gone.

So one is completely opened and un shielded.

One is as light and as consciousness itself.

As this occurs one is open to feel others sensations and emotions, to help others heal and transform.

As one no longer believes in the mind, as so one is free of mind.

One is a master of the self.

Feeling everyone’s sensations and emotions is very natural.

This what a true healer does, it discover’s its pure self by an inner recognition that it is not the conditions of the ego mind.

Now it can be a mirror for others, as it sees itself in all others, as One.

Ones soul family, meaning the beings which one has reincarnated many times with through many lives before, because of this deep soul connection that goes far beyond time.

One is able to hear thoughts, feel sensations and emotions of each other, which is very natural, as we are truly energy beings, as matter is only an illusion.

We are all sensitive beings.

It is only the layers of conditions that seems to block this sensitivity, because person believes mind and is not moving from heart.

Which is your true place.

Ones awakened to the self these super powers of consciousness will remain, as it is the purest truth.

All other untruths will de solve.

As one moves through these inner intuitive nudges, one can say.

Ones own natural inner lie detector field within is always moving ones actions and reactions.

When souls are in love and they are deeply connected through many lifetimes before, these souls become highly sensitive and intuitive, a psychic to their beloved’s needs.

Which is for transformation and awakening within this lifetime.

Consciousness arranges it all.

Consciousness is Magic.

You are Magic.

Move through truth.

You will see.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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