Earthflower Spirituality

I bow at your feet🙏

I wasn’t one for Guru’s and Masters.

My mind seemed to find it ridiculous, until the day I found myself all alone.

Everyone left.

I felt rejected by life, I remember feeling so useless, unworthy and unloved.

I was in pain and suffering a lot.

It was consciousness itself that wanted me to meet Mooji, as it magically arranged it all for me.

I was a sad girl, who felt as a victim of life.

I remember sitting in a smart shop over 2,5 years ago, and I met this dutch man named Marco.

I was telling him my spiritual stories and he immediately stopped me and asked, do you know Mooji, and I said no, he was like how can you not know Mooji, we watched a satsang on YouTube together and I immediately resonated with his wisdom and spirit.

In this now I bless the day that I met Marco who introduced me to my Guru Mooji.

As from that day I never stopped watching a satsang of Mooji on YouTube.

As I was so desperate to discover my truth, my self, an urge for freedom.

This soul’s pointings and unconditional love has helped me to discover my true treasure, my heart, into oneness, into presence.

I thank the Universe every moment for the birth of my beloved master who is always in my heart.

I now see all of life as it just is and that I can just Be.

Thank you my beloved Moojiji, Happy Birthday, I honor your life.

With faith God grands you many more years with us to help enlighten and awaken other lives.

My Guru, Teacher, Master, Mirror, Beloved, Myself.

I bow at your feet.

We are One.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namasté🙏


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