Earthflower Spirituality

Let Earth be One💛

It is so funny, you scroll down your feed and all you see is woman’s march.

It is like we have become a society that lives on trends.

A trend is being created and people play with.

But how come we can hashtag #womansmarch, yet most woman on earth still has not found their oneness inside them.

As most woman live in a state of separation, not only with their hearts, but also with other woman and men.

Now why are we conditioned like this, because we have been compared since childhood.

As we have been taught that woman and man are different.

Which is not true.

The only way one can change this, is only by going within oneself.

So, most woman look at other woman and man, as we are not the same.

Not even within their own families, friends and environment is this oneness shown.

No love of oneness is shown.

Now we choose to walk around with boards creating a temporarily sensation, but we haven’t even start with our own inner self.

Be the change you wish to see, but from within you.

If each woman and man starts to make a priority to know who they truly were, this sense of I am a separate person and I am different than you will vanish.

As our true nature is of spirit and our true parent is the Universe.

We are all spirit beings and our form is only temporarily, so in the greater truth we are all one.

As man and woman are only spirit and soul has no true sex.

When this inner realization comes out through all beings only then will this Earth be One.

In the meantime, I see you, I love you.

From within my eyes I know that,

We are One.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namasté🙏

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